Young Man, Woman Given 29 Lashes in Bamyan

Young Man and a Woman Flogged for Premarital Relationship in Bamyan

The Taliban have flogged a young man and woman in public on charges of having a premarital relationship in Bamyan province, local sources confirmed to Kabul Now.

Each received 29 lashes in public in the Shahid Mazari stadium in front of one of the Buddha statues on Thursday, November 17.

A source identified the man as Mohammad Esa and the young girl as Arezu, who had left Kabul for Bamyan 40 days ago. The source described the couple’s relationship as a “love affair.”

According to the source, the Taliban had caught Mohammad Esa and Arezu from Band-e-Amir, a frequently visited tourist site in the province. Later, members of the Taliban set a trial for the couple’s premarital relationship.

The Taliban, which currently rules Afghanistan, has flogged men and women in public on charges of adultery and premarital relationships in different parts of Afghanistan.