Taliban suffer casualties in Takhar

Taliban Suffer Casualties in Two Separate Attacks in Takhar

At least three Taliban members were killed and three others wounded as a result of two separate attacks in the northeastern Takhar province. Fighters of the National Resistance Front (NRF) carried out one of the attacks, a source confirmed.

Unknown armed men opened fire on Qari Seraj Sahel, deputy district chief of Taliban for Khwaja Bahawudding district, on Friday, November 18, around 07:30 in the evening.

The incident took place in Darqad district of Takhar and the Taliban local official sustained critical injuries as a result, a source said to Kabul Now.

Two days later, he died of his injuries last night in Takhar provincial hospital.

No group claimed responsibility for this attack.

NRF fighters ambushed a group of Taliban members while they were patrolling in Pachak Balla village of Warsaj district, a source confirmed.

The incident which took place on Saturday, November 19, left two Taliban members dead and three others wounded.