Hazara religious minority
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Taliban Should Identify Perpetrators of The Attack on Kaaj Edu. Center, Victims’ Families

Late in September, a suicide bombing targeted a classroom of over 700 students at the Kaaj educational center. It killed nearly 60 teenage students, mostly girls, and wounded more than 120 others. The victims are all Hazaras – a predominantly Shiite ethnic group in Afghanistan.

Now, the families of these victims and the wounded by the deadly attack, on the occasion of the 40th day of mourning, demand the Taliban government to identify the perpetrators of the attack.

“40 days have passed since the tragedy took place at the Kaj educational center, but the perpetrators and the sinister hands “behind the curtain” who planned this tragedy have not been arrested and punished for their action.”, the victims’ families said this in a statement published yesterday Thursday, November 10.

The families of the victims and the wounded of the attack have asked the Taliban officials and leaders to “honestly put an end to the concerns and doubts of public opinion, respect the martyrs’ blood, identify the perpetrators of this attack and punish them for their sinister action.”

They have also requested the responsible institutions not to forget the treatment of the wounded ones and comfort the victims’ families.

These families said that they still do not have peace of mind and are extremely worried about the next probable incidents. “No official authority has taken practical steps for security measures for the survivors of this targeted terrorist attack and survivors continuing education under such a circumstance has increased our concerns.”, the victims’ families added.

These families further requested all the aid agencies, donors and benefactors to rush to treat those wounded whose treatment is impossible inside the country or cannot treat their children due to poor economic status.

These families continued to ask the responsible national and international institutions to follow up and prosecute the perpetrators of “this crime against humanity to heal the wounds of the students who survived this targeted attack and the families of the martyrs to avoid witnessing such a disaster and genocide in the future again.”

This attack led to worldwide protests and the protesters chanted the slogan “StopHazaraGenocide” in Afghanistan.