Taliban Claim Dismantling Hideout of ISKP in Kabul

Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman, has claimed that the group’s forces have dismantled a hideout of the Islamic State – Khurasan Province (ISKP), locally known as Daesh, in the 15th Police District of Kabul and killed five ISKP members.

The operation was conducted on Saturday night, November 12, in the Panjsad Family neighborhood of Kabul city, Mujahid said in a tweet on Sunday evening, November 13. Residents had previously reported loud blasts followed by continued shelling from this neighborhood on the same night.

According to the Taliban spokesman, the ISKP members were involved in some “minor blasts” in Kabul city, and they had planned to conduct some huge destructive operations.

The Taliban forces have confiscated some weapons and explosive ordnance from the ISKP hideout as well, Mujahid added.

This comes as the Taliban has already announced that the ISKP is dismantled in Afghanistan and is no longer a threat to security. The ISKP, however, has claimed responsibility for many deadly attacks, including attacks on Taliban members, in different parts of Afghanistan.