Women Human Rights Defenders

Richard Bennett Urges for the Release of Zarifa Yaqoubi

The UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Afghanistan, Richard Bennett, has urged the Taliban for the immediate release of Zarifa Yaqoubi, a women’s rights defender, and her colleagues from Taliban custody.

Bennet Richard, via a tweet, stated that Zarifa Yaqoubi and her four colleagues have been in Taliban custody since November 3.

Bennett has added that he joins the campaign to release women rights activists and calls for their unconditional release.

He said, “All Afghans have the right to peaceful assembly, freedom of expression and opinion, a right that must be respected by Taliban.”

Two weeks ago, the Taliban arrested Zarifa Yaqobi, a women’s rights activist, and four male attendees from a press conference in West Kabul.

In the following days, it was reported that the Taliban arrested Farhat Popalzai, Humaira Yusuf, and other protesting women.

The Taliban have not provided details about the detainees. Recently,  UN Human Rights also called on the de facto Taliban authorities for the immediate release of Zarifa Yaqoubi and her companions.