30 Detained Afghan refugees in Pakistan

Pakistan Releases 30 Detained Afghan Refugees

Pakistan released a total of 30 Afghan refugees from its detention centers in Karachi on Saturday, November 5, according to Afghanistan’s Embassy in Islamabad, which is currently operating under the Taliban.

The Consulate General of Afghanistan in Karachi has facilitated the release of these refugees and returned them to Afghanistan, the Consulate General said in a statement.

This comes as former President Hamid Karzai, referring to some media reports, said on Monday that the Pakistani government has “jailed a total of 1,100 Afghan refugees, including women and children,” in its Sindh province.

He called the Pakistani government to treat the Afghan refugees in line with international treaties and as a good neighbor. “Hamid Karzai urges the United Nations and organizations defending human rights to try to provide better living conditions for Afghan refugees in Pakistan and defend their rights,” he said in a tweet thread.

Pakistani officials, however, have not commented regarding these recent accusations and media reports about the imprisonment of Afghan refugees. The Pakistani government has often detained Afghan refugees in the country. In some cases, as per the account of the Pakistani officials, they have detained these refugees for not having the required legal documents.