The Taliban Shot Two Dead In Badakhshan Province

The Taliban shot two dead in Badakhshan province, citing ‘Resistance Front’ affiliation as the reason for the killing.

Sources in Badakhshan province report that the Taliban killed two residents of the Kohistan district of this province on the charges of being members of the “Resistance Front.” According to the source, the Taliban arrested these two young men on Wednesday evening, Sep 12, 2022, and shot them without carrying out any investigations.

The Taliban governor of Kohistan district in Badakhshan province, Maulvi Abdullah Osmani, also confirms the killing—but he differs on the cause, citing personal conflict as the reason for the incident. According to Osmani, these two individuals planned to join the “Resistance Front” in the  Arghanj Khwa district. He added that eight people had planned to join the “Resistance Front” initially, but the other six have gone into hiding.