Abdullah and US Envoy

Abdullah and US Envoy Stress ‘Intra-Afghan’ Dialogue

Abdullah Abdullah, and the US Special Representative for Afghanistan, Thomas West, held phone talks, stressing the need for “a genuine intra-Afghan national dialogue” to strengthen national unity and partnership.

“We called for the reopening of girls’ schools above 6th grade as a necessity and a desire of the Afghan people,” Abdullah said in a tweet posted on Monday, October 31. Abdullah added that he expressed gratitude for the continued humanitarian assistance of the US to the people of Afghanistan.

According to him, the US envoy has also assured him of the US’s continued support to the people of Afghanistan.

The US envoy spoke with former President Hamid Karzai last Thursday. Karzai and West have also stressed the need for intra-Afghan dialogue, emphasizing reopening girls’ schools.

Abdullah and Karzai are a few high-profile politicians who have remained in Afghanistan after the collapse of the Republic into the hands of the Taliban.

Though Abdullah has shuttled between Afghanistan and India several times under the Taliban rule, the group has effectively imposed a travel ban on Karzai.