Families displaced

At least 400 families were displaced by Taliban

The Taliban militants have forced at least 400 families to leave their villages in Bagh e Sherkat area of northern Kunduz province. The desperate families have made their way to Faizabad, the provincial capital for Badakhshan, and Taloqan, the provincial capital for Takhar, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said on Wednesday, July 07.

A statement issued by HRW said the Taliban have forced the locals to leave their homes and have set their houses ablaze. According to the HRW, the Taliban have forced the locals and set their homes in fire as an act of revenge to the locals who according to the militants were guilty of cooperation with the government forces.  

Prior to the fall of the area, the Taliban gave a two-hour ultimatum to locals to leave their homes.

Though the group denies allegations made against them, HRW’s finding shows that they have repeatedly abused civilians blaming them for collaboration with the government forces.

The Taliban stormed Bagh e Sherkat area two weeks ago. The attack led to the forced displacement of a number of ethnic Tajik families.  

A video clip circulating on social media shows a displaced Tajik man complaining about how the Taliban forced them to leave their villages in Kunduz and Badakhshan.