UNSG's personal envoy
UNSG's Personal Envoy meets Mohammad Mohaqiq

UNSG’s personal envoy: Civilians and Hazaras massacre is unacceptable

In a meeting with senior adviser to the President, Mohammad Mohaqiq, the UN Secretary-General’s Personal Envoy on Afghanistan, Jean Arnault, has said that the killing of civilians and Hazaras is unacceptable for the United Nations.

The meeting was held on Monday evening, June 14, according to the press office for the President’s senior adviser. The two sides discussed the Afghan peace process, regional consensus, security and political situation in Afghanistan, the office said in a statement.

Mr. Mohaqiq lamented the escalation of violence and the killing of civilians, saying the Taliban are not willing to make peace and want to take over the country by force and war, the statement added.

Referring to the recent attacks in western Kabul, he said that Hazaras have been brutally killed in schools, mosques, education centers, and gymnasiums without any justification.

According to Mr. Mohaqiq, such a massacre is a clear manifestation of a crime against humanity and “genocide.” He called on the UN to pressure the perpetrators of this massacre.

Moreover he stressed the need for an immediate ceasefire across Afghanistan and the importance of strengthening a regional consensus in support of the Afghan peace process. This comes that targeted violence has dramatically increased against Hazaras in Afghanistan and scores of Hazaras, from school girl students to daily wage workers, have lost their lives to these violence across the country, mostly in the capital Kabul.