Roadside bomb kills 14 civilians in Daikundi

Roadside bomb kills 14 civilians in Daikundi

As many as 14 civilians, mostly women and children, were killed and three others wounded after their riding vehicle hit a landmine in Kejran district of the central Daikundi province, a local security official confirmed.

Taking to Kabul Now, Gul Aqa Sajjadi, spokesperson for police chief of the province, said that the incident took place today, Tuesday, September 29, at 09:00 AM, in Karez village of the district. He detailed that the victims are seven women, five children, and two men.

According to the local security official, the vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb while it was en route from Karez village to Kejran district’s center.

Though no group has claimed responsibility for the attack, the Taliban often use roadside bombs to target government officials and employees, which frequently leads to civilian casualties.

Situated in central part of the country, Daikundi is a secure province but the Taliban have recently infiltrated in some districts, inter alia in Kejran.