Afghanistan confirms 22,143 Covid-19 cases and 405 deaths

The Afghan ministry of public health today, Thursday, June 11, confirmed 748 new positive cases of Covid-19, with which the total number of coronavirus cases reached 22,143 in the country.  

With 8,829, the capital Kabul stands on the top of the list, followed by the western city of Herat which reports 4,104.    

405 people, who were infected by the virus, have died and 2,975 others have recovered, according to official statement by the Afghan health authorities. But the actual number of positive cases and death toll appears to be higher than the official record.  

The coronavirus pandemic continues to jump while major Afghan cities including Kabul are under a loose lockdown and unemployment rate coupled with inflation are on the rise through the country. Many workers who were living on the daily wages have lost their jobs.

The country’s major health facilities are struggling with a growing influx of new patients and pending tests. Afghan health authorities warned earlier last week that the nation would face a “human catastrophe” if the people do not observe health instructions guided by the country’s ministry of public health.