555 Covid-19 cases confirmed, 18 deaths reported in Afghanistan

The Ministry of Public Health confirmed that 555 people have tested positive for coronavirus and 18 patients, who were infected by the virus, have died in the country. Wahid Majroh, a senior adviser for the ministry of public health, speaking at press conference, today, Saturday, April 11, said that 34 new cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed in the country.

According to health authorities, 37 people, infected by the virus, have recovered.  

The actual number of Covid-19 cases is said to be far more than the official record announced by the county’s ministry of public health.

Security authorities have tighten curfew in the capital Kabul as the pandemic Covid-19 continues to climb. The Afghan government has placed the eastern Nangarhar city under a lockdown.  

This came while Afghanistan faces an influx of returnees. Over last weeks, more than 40,000 Afghans have made comeback to home from Pakistan, India, Turkey, and UAE. According to reports, most returnees, who come from the neighboring Pakistan and Iran, enter the country untested as there are not adequate health facilities and staffs on the border points to test the returnees.