Faryab province

Taliban militants shot dead six members of a family in Faryab

The Taliban militants have shot dead six members of a single family last night, January 18, in Khanqa village of Andkhoy district of the northern Faryab province, according to Mohammad Hanif Rezaie, spokeperson for Shaheen 209 Military Corps.

Mr. Rezaie detailed that after entering the house, the Taliban militants opened fire, killing six members of the family, including women and children, and wounded one women and one child of the family.

He said that no member of the family was serving in the ranks of Afghan national security and defense forces, adding that the militants had come to the village in secrecy.

The Taliban, however, have rejected having hand in the incident in a statement, describing it as caused by personal disputes.

Taliban militants are present in parts of restive Faryab province.