Taliban abduct 27 Helmand peace marchers in Farah province

The Taliban militants have abducted 27 members of Helmand peace marchers, also known as People’s Peace Movement (PPM), in Balabuluk district of the western Farah province, said spokesperson of the peace convoy, Besmillah Watandost.

According to Watandost, the PPM members were abducted yesterday, Sunday, December 24, in the area, and there is no details about their whereabouts.

He said that they have already started their efforts to release the abductees and the Taliban spokespersons have demanded more time to coordinate the issue with commanders of the militant group.

Seven members of the PPM had also been kidnapped on October 19 in Logar province but they were released after seven hours.

The PPM started their new move of traveling across all 34 provinces by car on December 08 from Helmad province. The move titled “From Helmand to Helmand” is aimed at encouraging the warring parties to sign a “ceasefire”, make peace, and end the war in Afghanistan.

The PPM which caught national and international attentions was primarily initiated after a devastating suicide attack targeted an open-air wrestling match in Lashkargah, capital city of Helmand province, during Afghan New Year festivities in March 2018.