Suicide and murder behind the deaths of two women in Takhar, Taliban says

Taliban’s security command in northeastern Takhar province has released newsletters detailing two separate incidents of “suicide” and “murder” involving two women in the province.

In one incident, on Thursday, a 23-year-old married woman named Tahira ended her life by consuming mouse poison in the Yangi-Qala district. The Taliban police have initiated an investigation, citing “family problems and violence” as the potential reasons behind the act.

Another newsletter from the Taliban’s security command in Takhar reports the murder of a 23-year-old woman named Jamila. Unknown armed individuals took her life in the capital city of Taliqan on Friday.

Despite the ongoing investigation by local Taliban police, the motive and cause of this murder remain unclear.

Since the Taliban assumed control of Afghanistan, violence against women has witnessed a significant surge. The absence of institutions to address women’s rights leaves them without a proper recourse for justice, exacerbating their vulnerability in society.