Afghanistan Envoy in Geneva calls on the UN to be ‘sensible and responsible’

In response to the statement of UN Deputy Secretary-general, Amina Mohammed, about the recognition of the Taliban, Afghanistan’s Permanent Representative in Geneva, Nasir Ahmad Andisha, urged UN officials to be “sensible and responsible”.

“The UN high officials such as Amina J Mohammed, the custodians of the Charter & Values enshrine & developed over the past 75 years have to be sensible & responsible.” Afghanistan in Geneva tweeted on Thursday.

Afghanistan Envoy in Geneva said that Afghanistan’s history didn’t start when the Taliban took over the country in August 2021 and added “Don’t make the abnormal look normal. Afghans & world is watching U!”.

Many individuals and organizations have reacted to Amina Mohammed’s statement who said on Monday that steps to recognition of the Taliban will be discussed in the meeting of the UN Secretary-General and Special Envoys of different countries for Afghanistan in region countries in May.