Avalanche kills four members of a family in Badakhshan

The Taliban’s district governor of Kuf Ab in the northeastern province of Badkhashan has confirmed that an avalanche hitting a house on Wednesday killed four members of a family.

Abdul Qadir Qadiri stated that the recent heavy snowfalls had caused several avalanches in the district, resulting in damages to people’s homes. He added that a pregnant woman had died of extreme cold as the locals were unable to transport her to a clinic in the district centre due to road blockages caused by the snow.

Currently, all roads connecting villages in the district are cut off, as are the telecommunication services.

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Locals in the districts of Darayim, Sheghnan, Raghistan, and Nusay in Badakhshan confirmed on Wednesday to KabulNow that avalanches had killed as many as 11 people and wounded at least five others in the last few days, as well as causing damage to homes.

Afghanistan has been experiencing one of the harshest winters in the past decade. The extreme weather conditions have killed more than 166 people and tens of thousands of livestock across the country.