Military official: Taliban gang-raped and killed teenage girl in Jowzjan

Military official: Taliban gang raped and killed teenage girl in Jowzjan

The Taliban militants have gang-raped a 16-year-old girl and then shot her to death in the northern Jowzjan province, said Mohammad Hanif Rezaee, spokesperson for the 209 Military Corps.

The incident took place two days ago in Darzab district of the province, the local military official told Kabul Now today, Tuesday, April 06. He said two months ago the Taliban kidnapped Aimama, the victim, along with her parents.

He further stated that the local residents of Qush Tapa and Darzab districts have recently protested against the Taliban urging the militants to release the parents and return the teenager’s body.

The local military official underlined that the Taliban militants have not responded to the demand of the protesters so far.

The Taliban, however, have not commented on the claims made by the local military official.

Jowzjan is an insecure province where the Taliban launch sporadic offensives against government forces.