Ghani: justice is must for sustainable peace

Speaking at a ceremony held to celebrate the birthday of Prophet Mohammad, today, Saturday, November 09, the incumbent president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said to ensure a sustainable peace we need to implement justice. Pointing to sayings of Prophet Mohammad, Ghani said the prophet of Islam says justice is must for a peaceful social life.

He underlined that peace efforts by regional countries and international community have failed to bring the Taliban to a face-to-face talks with the Afghan government.  

The statement came while earlier on Thursday, November 07, a senior Afghan official told Kabul Now that the list of Afghan delegation for the intra-Afghan dialogue to be hosted by Beijing was finalized.

After nearly a year-long peace talks, the United States and the Taliban insurgents were about to ink a peace deal when US President Donald Trump put off US-Taliban peace talks following a Taliban-claimed car bomb that claimed the lives of 13 people including an American soldier in the Afghan capital Kabul early in September 2019.

Following the collapse of talks, the Taliban leaders flew to Moscow, Beijing and Islamabad to discuss Afghan peace. Russian, Chines and Pakistani diplomats hugged the Taliban representatives, pressing the two sides—the US and the Taliban—to resume peace negotiation.

Later in mid-October, the Chines government invited Afghan officials and politicians along with the Taliban representatives to attend the intra-Afghan dialogue which was scheduled to take place in October 29-30 in the Chinese capital Beijing but was put off due to anonymous reasons.

The Taliban leaders in Doha, though stressing on peace talks, so far have refused to open a face-to-face negotiation with the Kabul government, calling a ‘puppet government.’

On the other hand, the Afghan government-led by the incumbent president Ashraf Ghani developed a seven-point peace plan, proposing ceasefire as precondition to peace negotiation with the Taliban.          

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