World’s highest tower will showcase Afghanistan’s flag

On the occasion of Afghanistan’s 100th Independence Day anniversary, the world’s highest tower, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa or Khalifa tower of the United Arabic Emirate is set to showcase Afghanistan three color – black, red, and green – flag, said Feroz Bashari, spokesperson for the arrangement committee of Afghanistan 100th Independence Day ceremony.

Mr. Bashari, however, did not mention when the tower would showcase the national flag of Afghanistan.

In the meantime, Google, a renowned globally known searching engine, has showcased an animated flag of Afghanistan across the south Asian nation to mark the 100th anniversary of Afghanistan independence.

This comes while on Sunday, August 18, the Afghan government put off holding the 100th anniversary of Afghanistan Independence Day to pay a tribute to the victims of a wedding hall bombing that took place on Saturday night, killing 63 and wounding 182 others.

However on Monday morning, President Ghani addressed the nation and commemorated the Independence Day anniversary in a short visit in the newly rebuild Darul Aman palace, where the ceremony was scheduled to be celebrated.