IECC accuses Ghani, Abdullah of using state-owned facilities in campaigns

The Independent Electoral Complaint Commission (IECC) said in a statement on Thursday that the presidential ticket of Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the incumbent president along with presidential ticket of Abdullah Abdullah, the incumbent Chief Executive of the National Unity Government used state-owned facilities in election campaigns.

According to the statement, presidential ticket of Mr. Ghani has used Loya Jirga tent and other state facilities in its recent election campaign.

The IECC also accused presidential ticket of Abdullah Abdullah of utilizing state-owned facilities in election campaign held in Uranus hotel in Kabul.

The IECC pointed out that a number of high ranking government employees took part in election campaigns while as per the law of the country, government employee should not take sides in election campaigns.

Speaking in a press conference on Thursday in Kabul, Mohammad Qasim Eliasi, an IECC commissioner, stated that no presidential ticket are constitutionally allowed to use titles such as prime minister or third vice president in campaigns.  

He added that the IECC had already issued a notice to all presidential tickets, binding them to run campaigns as per the constitution.   

The notice by IECC came after various presidential candidates publicly announced that they would create posts of third vice presidency or prime minister-ship in their tickets.

Afghanistan’s campaigning season kicked off on Sunday which is supposed to continue for two months according to the country’s election law.

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