Moving terrorists across Afghanistan will not bring peace and stability, warns Atmar

Mohammed Haneef Atmar, former Afghanistan’s Foreign Minister, has recently condemned the Taliban’s plan to relocate thousands of Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) members across the northern and central regions of the country, saying it will not end in peace and stability.

Atmar reacted to recent remarks by the Taliban’s spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid in a series of tweets on Tuesday, indicting the Taliban for using “force” and “violence” to displace local residents from their homes and ancestral lands.

Mujahid had earlier confirmed that the Taliban and the Pakistani government reached a “strategic deal” where the former vowed to relocate TTP members across tribal belts bordering Afghanistan and Pakistan.

While Pakistan recently welcomed the Taliban’s move, saying it will lead to cross-border peace, the scheme triggered widespread concerns and outrage from others.

Opposition groups warned that TTP relocation would have “fatal” consequences for the stability of the country.

However, the former Afghanistan Foreign Minister slammed the Pakistani government, railing that transferring terrorists to Afghanistan will not ensure the country’s security, but ending the government’s “support” for terrorism will.

“Pakistan’s leaders must realize that the moving terrorists in Afghanistan’s territory would not result in security in the country or the region. To eradicate terrorism, Pakistan should end its support for terrorism, push for a peaceful and legitimate system, and respect people’s basic rights and freedoms.” Atmar said in his tweets.

Last month, local sources revealed that the Taliban initiated the relocation of TTP members to Afghanistan, with around 320 armed fighters being moved to northeastern Takhar province.