women protest in Kabul

Women Protest in Kabul Against ‘genocide’ of Hazaras and Tajiks

Female students from Kabul University, took to the streets to protest against what they called, the ‘genocide of Hazaras and Tajiks’ on Tuesday, October 18th. The site of protest is front of Kabul University’s entrances.

The girls are facing the Taliban’s sexism and ethnic discrimination, the protesters said. They added that the Taliban have expelled the Hazara girls from the university and hostel because they are receiving an education.

The women protesters further accused the Taliban of killing members of other ethnic groups and forced displacement. These protesters also promised to continue their protests for “justice” and will not give up until they get their rights.

“Do not kill us”; “education is our red line”; and “food, employment, freedom” were the slogans that they chanted during their protest. The world has turned a blind eye to the Afghan people, particularly to the women, the protesters complained.

They urged the United Nations to listen to their voice and take concrete and serious actions regarding the “genocide” of Hazaras and the Taliban’s ethnic-based discrimination.

According to the protesters, the Taliban dispersed their protest rally by threatening them that “either they should leave or face an explosion.” Women have organized and launched many protests against the Taliban’s misogynist restrictions ever since the group returned to power. The Taliban, however, have always dispersed their protests violently.