130 Taliban militants join peace process

130 Taliban militants join peace process and vow to fight for gov’t

As many as 130 Taliban militants have reconciled vowing to fight in volatile districts of Herat against the militants led by Mullah Hebatullah Akhundzada as the Taliban attacks intensify across the country, particularly in the western Herat province.

“These Taliban [militants] have understood [the importance] of living peacefully,” and are assigned to provide security in Shindand, Zawul, and Zirkuh districts, Abdul Saboor Qane, Herat governor, said today, June 24, addressing the reconciled militants.

Herat governor added the Taliban war has no legitimacy calling on the militants to put an end to war and destruction of the country.

Talking to Kabul Now, Mardan Nourzai, commander of the militants who joined the peace process, said the Taliban war is not legitimate as the foreign troops have already started leaving Afghanistan. Continuation of the war is “fratricide”, he asserted.

He also called on other Taliban militants to stop the war since the victims are only Afghans.

Herat has witnessed a hike in Taliban attacks in recent months with the militants have now control its Oba district.

Moreover, Kahsan, Farsi, Gulran, Kushk-e-kuhna, Pashtun Zarghun and Shindand districts of Herat have also witnessed clashes between government forces and the Taliban.