20 Afghan security forces killed in Taliban attack on Kunduz city, says MoI

As many as 25 people, including 20 Afghan security forces, were killed in Taliban’s attacks on Kunduz city on Saturday, August 31, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) said in a statement issued today.

The statement further said that some Afghan security forces along with 85 civilians were injured in Taliban’s attacks.

As stated by the MoI, 56 Taliban militants were killed in the counter attacks conducted by the Afghan security forces.

 Afghan security forces have pushed the militants out of the outskirt of the city, the MoI said.

The Ministry of Defense, however, said in a separate statement that as many as 41 Taliban militants were killed and 24 others injured in operations carried out by the Afghan security forces.

The Taliban launched a series of large scale attacks on Kunduz city around 1:30 AM on Saturday’s morning which lasted for several hours and faced strong resistance of the Afghan forces.

Hours after the attacks began, acting defense and interior ministers, Asadullah Khalid and Masood Andarabi, arrived in Kunduz city along with commander of the US-led NATO forces in Afghanistan, Gen. Scott Miller, to have a close eye on the ground and lead the war against the militants.

Hours later, a suicide bomber detonated his explosives reportedly in police headquarter, killing 14 people including Sayed Sarwar Hussiani, the spokesperson for Kunduz police chief.

“These acts of the Taliban are contrary to the talks of their leaders currently ongoing in Doha,” said the Presidential Palace.

“By killing civilians and launching coordinated attacks, the Taliban show they are not willing to stop violence and terrorist acts,” office of the chief executive said in a statement.