Taliban threaten to target state run Telecom Company

Issuing a statement today, August 26, the Taliban have threatened that they will target all facilities, radio masts and towers belonging to the state run telecommunication company, Sallam Network, in all across Afghanistan.

The statement noted that employees of the company would be treated in the same way as intelligence agents are treated. “All fiber lines drawn through the ground will be destroyed. Its personnel, equipment, and vehicles will be treated like intelligence agencies,” part of the statement read.

The militant group also warned that subscribers of the Telecom Company would be prosecuted in accordance with sharia law.

Sallam Network has been accused of “spying for Kabul administration and the Americans” in Taliban’s statement.

Nasrat Rahimi, spokesperson for the Ministry of Interior, described the warning as hostility against the Afghan people. He added that the Afghan security forces would ensure security of communication companies, including Sallam Network.

The warning comes days after the Taliban insurgent forced four major private communication companies—Roshan, MTN, Etisalat, and Afghan Wireless— to stop their operations in the northern Balkh province.