Mohaqiq shifts side to CE Abdullah’s presidential ticket

Mohammad Mohaqiq, who was previously a running mate of Haneef Atmar in upcoming presidential election, has shifted side to the “stability and partnership” presidential ticket led by Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, according to sources close to Abdullah.

Feraidon Khwazon, spokesperson for the “stability and partnership” electoral ticket, told Etilaat-e-Roz that Mohaqiq is set to announce his support for Abdullah during an official gathering scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, August 23, in Kabul.

Sources close to Mohaqiq, have also confirmed that he has signed an MOU with Abdullah’s ticket.

Mohaqiq previously was the second vice president in the “peace and moderation” ticket led by former National Security Adviser Haneef Atmar. The ticket, however, stopped campaigning programs after it faced internal differences among key figures.

In statement issued today, 22 August, Abdullah Abdullah, confirms that Mr. Mohaqiq, the leader of Hizb e Wahdat Islami Mardum Afghanistan, has joined his ticket.